Tuck & Roll

Even though the grass is brown and the trees are still bare in Maine, we are finally outside without a jacket and boots!  After a brutally cold winter, I couldn't be more excited to pull out some bright skinnies and a light blouse.  A couple things that I did to update this classic look, are I tucked in the front of the top and I rolled the hem of the pants.  Tucking in the front of your top is something we used to do in the 90's (for those of you who remember this awesome trend) and am not surprised one bit that it's back in style.  It narrows your hips and leaving the back untucked gives you a bit of the hi-low look that's incredibly "in" for summer.  Rolling your skinnies says, "it's spring/summer and check out my fabulous shoes".  Whether they are flats or 6 inches high, a pair of statement sandals make this look complete.   
Chelsea K. RayComment