Statement Necklace

I love this red dress I got from Target last year.  I love it so much that I bought two more in different colors.  I always say, once you find something that fits well and is comfortable, buy it in every color and print you can.  But that's for another blog, another day.  This one is about the necklace, which takes this simple red dress from cute to glamorous.  It's referred to as a "statement necklace" because it does just that.  Makes a statement.  My favorite statement necklace will have pearls, gems or shiny bold metals.  Pair your statement necklace with simple prints and patterns.  Too much going on will look tacky and confusing.  Keep your look simple and let the necklace do it's thing.  I'm constantly getting compliments on the red and gold one above.  The best part of all... I get most of my statement jewelry from Burlington Coat Factory and Forever 21 for under $10!  Try a statement necklace and I promise you'll wear it over and over again.

Chelsea K. RayComment