Personal Shop Like Flora

My girl, Flora, has been asking me to take her shopping for months.  She already has great style and tons of awesome pieces, but she needed some staples and updates.  She met me at H&M at 10am in her easy to slip on and off flats and we got to it.  By 11:30am, Flora had a whole new work and weekend wardrobe with pieces that can be mixed and matched in different ways.  Flora was officially one of the best Clients I have ever worked with.
If you're ever interested in hiring a Personal Shopper to assist you in your shopping process, do it like Flora.  She took pictures of clothing items that she already owns so that we could find coordinating pieces to build on.  She also showed up in an outfit that was easy to take on and off, which is key because I WILL make you try everything on.  She gave me a budget, which we did go over a little, but I told her it was going to happen if she wanted to get shoes too.  Shoes and accessories will always get you like that.  She also was totally honest about what she liked and didn't like, so we didn't waste any time.  The Personal Shopper is there to make the Client happy, not the other way around.
The best part about hiring a Personal Shopper is that I insist on shopping with you the first time, but once I get an idea of your personal taste and size, you can hire me to go shopping without you and bring you options in the convenience of your work or home.  Anything you like, you buy.  Anything you don't want, I'll return.  Personal Shopping is a premium service with premium results.  Contact me if you're interested.

Chelsea K. RayComment