Two Piece Suit

Oh, the forgotten wardrobe staple... a two piece suit.  We usually think of it as a blazer paired with a matching skirt or pants.  Most people have at least one two piece suit.  They pull it out for a job interview or a funeral.  Tragedy.  An absolute tragedy that one would wear the same thing to such very different occasions. 
A two piece suit can have so much more power.  First of all, you can always guarantee you have something in your closet that matches.  The top and bottom of your two piece suit always match.  The confidence that your outfit matches perfectly is pretty powerful.  A two piece suit also has the power to coordinate into two different outfits.  A different top with your suit bottom and a pair of jeans to wear with your suit top. 
My two piece suit is from  They have a ton of fun two piece suits (along with a ton of affordable clothing and accessories), but beware, it's a company in China and their tops run significantly larger than their bottoms.  If you tend to run a bit bigger on the bottom compared to your top, you'll want to order pieces separately.  And that goes for any type of suit.  Buying the top and bottom separately guarantees a good fit.     
Don't forget about how powerful and versatile a two piece suit can be.  A little tip: Calvin Klein has the most amazing line of suit separates and you can actually get them for a steal at Burlington Coat Factory.

Chelsea K. RayComment