Daytime Sequins

Oh sequins.  They're like the forbidden fruit of daytime fashion.  You know they look fabulous, but you also know they're reserved for evening wear, but they look so good with my outfit!  What to do?  This day I said, "screw it".  I wore a gold sequined blazer to a lunch meeting.  The result was an overwhelming amount of comments.  They ranged from, "Oh, I love that gold top" to "Well that's a bright jacket for lunch". 
Ya know what, Lady?  I don't care.  My gold sequined blazer may be a bit "bright", but it's awesome and the perfect compliment to my green skinny khakis and floral tank.  In my opinion, fashion rules are meant to be broken.  I love the idea of blowing someone's mind with a risky fashion statement.
A seemingly inappropriate fashion piece can totally work if done in the right way.  Go ahead and throw a sequined blazer over a wintery look.  If it feels good, then it will probably look good and if it doesn't, people will be sure to let you know.  I got my blazer at a boutique in Fort Lauderdale, Florida and can't for the life of me remember what the store was called.  Sorry.  The skinny green khakis are from American Eagle and so is the tank.  The camel wedge booties are from Target.  

Chelsea K. Ray2 Comments