The Jumpsuit

Oh jumpsuit.  How I love thee.  And hate thee.  Jumpsuits either work or don't.  There's no way around it.  I've tried on about a hundred jumpsuits and I would say 80% of them didn't work.  It's not an easy piece to wear.  But when you find that right fitting jumpsuit, you'll know it.  Here are some guidelines for finding the right one for you:

1.) Balance is important.  If the top of the jumpsuit is fitted or smaller, the bottom should be a bit more flowing.  Think wide leg bottoms to compliment the tighter top.  Same with if the top is more blousy, the bottom should be more fitted, possibly cropped or shorts.

2.)  Be sure that there is a defined waist on the jumpsuit.  If the jumpsuit goes straight down to the floor, it's going to make your body look just that, straight down to the floor with no shape.  I find a jumpsuit with a drawstring or elastic waist is the easiest to cinch in the right place.

3.)  A full pattern jumpsuit can sometimes be difficult to pull off.  When you're head to toe with the same bold pattern, the person can potentially get lost in the print.  If you like the print, keep it in neutral tones or just two colors.  Color blocking is a great way to add color without being over the top.  Or try one solid color jumpsuit with contrasting textures, like leather accents or a metal embellishments.

4.)  Lastly, being six feet tall, I almost never buy anything that has to be worn exclusively with heels, but a jumpsuit is one exception.  Heels will lengthen your legs and keeps you looking like a sophisticated lady and not a toddler girl.

You CAN wear a jumpsuit and when you find the right fitting one, you'll know it.  I got my fabulous jumpsuit (pictured above) for under $40 at HAVAIANAS in Miami. 

Chelsea K. RayComment