Shopping Tip #5: Consign

I don't want to dis-encourage anyone from donating their clothes and other goods to a worthy cause, like Goodwill and Salvation Army.  Actually, I probably donate the most fashionable stuff they get all year.  BUT, when I have designer anything, I consign.  You spend top dollar for designer fashions, might as well get some of that money back. 

When I say some of your money, I mean SOME.  You're NOT going to get what you spent on it.  As soon as you take the tags off a garment and wear it, it losses about 50% of it's value.  Then, you pay 50% or more to the retailer for selling it for you, so you really walk away with a fraction of what you spent.  BUT in the grand scheme of things, getting money for something you no longer have use for is pretty awesome. 

My absolute favorite local consignment shop is What The Frock on Washington Avenue in Portland, ME.  They specialize in designer dress consignment and I can't stay away.  I walk in and hand off a few pieces I haven't worn in years, in exchange for racks of gorgeous dresses you can't find anywhere else.  The best part is that if I find something that I can't live without and it's a size or two off, they have an in-house seamstress that works magic.  If you aren't local, check out to consign online.

*The dress pictured above is from What The Frock, the boots are Franco Sarto and the thigh highs from DSW and the hat is from Forever 21.

Chelsea K. RayComment