Nooo... when I title my blog "Stretch", I'm not referring to my nickname (although it would be appropriate considering my height).  I'm referring to the most considered factor when I'm purchasing clothing.  That's right, stretch.  When I'm shopping, I start with my eyes.  I look around to see what I like and then instantly touch the material for softness and stretch.  If there isn't a small percentage of a stretchy material (like spandex)... I'm out. 

I will make a small exception for formal wear, but I'm seriously uncomfortable all night.  A little stretch in anything will make it so much more comfortable.  All of our bodies are different.  I have an extremely short waist, which makes for a thick waist.  My hips are the width of a teenagers and my limbs are so disproportionately long, that almost nothing fits, unless it has that element of stretch.  Nothing ever comes off the rack, made to fit my body.  I'm sure you feel my pain, at times.

When a piece of clothing has some stretch to it, you can usually buy a size up or down to accommodate the parts of your body that are disproportionate.  I'll buy a size up in long sleeve shirts (as long as it has stretch), because they'll usually go a 1/4 inch longer on the sleeves and the stretchy material will be more fitting.  Same thing with pants.  I have no waist, so there's nothing more uncomfortable than putting on a pair of pants with no stretch and them pinching my stomach and love handles.  With a little stretch in pants, I go a size up and get the extra length and no pinching.  If you're short, go a size down (this is general advice... I always suggest trying things on).

I focus my blog and my life on everyday fashion that is accessible and affordable to everyone.  Stretch is something you'll want everyday and is accessible in every price range.  You must check out (which is where I got the stunning teal dress pictured above), for tons of affordable options with lots of stretch!  Buy clothing with stretch.  When you sit down you'll be happy you did.

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