Reunion Romper

I dreaded it for weeks.  My husband's 25th High School Reunion.  Even though we went to his 20th (and it was beyond lame-O), he insisted that we go to his 25th.  I definitely learned a few things from the 20th.  First, my husband was not "popular" in high school, so no one remembers him.  Second, it's a small town and people just don't get dressed up like they do in the City.  Third, drink enough alcohol that I can talk to everyone, but not too much that I can't talk to anyone.  With all that said, I survived.  Barely, but I'm still here to blog about it.

At his 20th, I wore a Hermes cocktail dress and pointy 6" stilettos and looked ridiculous amongst a group of jean and sweatshirt wearing folk.  So, this year I smartened up and toned it down a bit.  A pair of tan wedges, because I knew my husband was going to make me walk all through the town and show me where he used to get in all his fights.  A silk purple romper (I got second hand at a Consignment Shop What the Frock?) that's the perfect blend of fun, stylish and casual.  A sparkly envelope clutch, because I HAD to have something dressy and glam.  A perfect look for the dreaded reunion.

All in all, I'm glad we went and I can't say we had fun, but the "experience" was.  Hopefully I can talk my husband out of his 30th (do they even have a 30th?) and talk him into my 20th in 5 years!  Not that it will be any better, but at least I'll know a few folks.  If you're going to your High School Reunion, keep in mind that unless it's held at a formal location, it's going to be a slightly casual environment, so dress appropriately.  A reunion romper is perfect for such event.  Check out all the reunion appropriate dresses and rompers at What the Frock?.

Chelsea K. RayComment