2 Events, 1 Night, 1 Dress

It's pretty rare that I would double book myself on a week night.  It was actually a mistake, but when you don't write things down on your calendar, this is what happens.  A friend running for State Representative was having his Campaign Kickoff Party, which was not to be missed.  And another friend was celebrating his 50th Birthday with a party at his restaurant.  Both starting at 6pm, with totally different vibes.

You ask, how did you do it, Chelsea?  Well, proper attire was the most important obstacle to tackle.  I realized that I would be standing for most of both parties, so comfortable shoes with a doable heel was my first priority.  My Steve Madden platform t-strap sandals did just the trick.  They are pretty easy to walk in, but the best part is that they're really comfortable to stand in.  Embarrassingly, I've been that girl walking down the street at the end of the night with my shoes in my hands and not on my feet.  If your shoes aren't comfortable when you first put them on, they'll be killing you by the end of the night.  I won't make that mistake again.

Next up, a dress.  It was a hot and humid evening, so a dress that doesn't absorb moisture is actually brilliant.  The last thing I need are sweat stains.  I was sweating at one point, but the scuba material of my dark floral drop waist dress didn't reveal a thing.  Also, the dress isn't super tight so after I had a few drinks and a few slices of pizza, my belly paunch was hidden.  You won't even believe it, but that miracle dress was only $7 off the clearance rack at Burlington Coat Factory.  Boom!

I threw my wet hair in a low pony, threw on a gold chain necklace and made it to both parties, in style.  Practicality is extremely important in deciding what to wear.  Think about the day ahead and plan your attire accordingly.  You can make two events in one night in one dress work!

Chelsea K. RayComment