My Grown Up Tutu

Look at it.  Just look at it.  The skirt I have been wanting for a lifetime.  I'm not exaggerating either.  When I was a little girl, my mom bought me a tutu to wear around the house.  Little did she know, that I wanted nothing more than to be a ballerina and I would wear my tutu over everything.  Seriously.  To the grocery store, to my older sister's basketball games, to my Brownie meetings.  Fortunately, when you're little you can get away with ridiculous outfits.

I grew out of that tiny tutu, but my passion for wearing one didn't.  Here I am.  33 years old and still wearing a tutu.  That's right, Bitches!  This particular tutu probably cost the same price as my childhood one.  At $34, how can't you take the fashion risk and walk out of the house in a tutu? 

There are some guidelines to making anything (that's considered for a child or a ballerina) look more adult appropriate.  The first guideline is making sure there is a contrast of style.  If you paired a tutu with a flutter sleeve top and ballet flats, you'd look way too over the top.  They key is to keep the rest of the look simple, making the tutu the star.  Second rule, avoid looking like a little girl and wear a pair of heels with your tutu.  They help elongate your legs, which a midi length skirt can shorten your look if you're in flats. 

Next time you see me walking around in my tutu, keep in mind that it's bringing me sheer happiness and reminding me of my childhood.  I may even do a twirl or two.  If you have enough guts to pull off a tutu, you can do it with very little buyers remorse because they're not expensive.  I got this one at for less than $35!  Twirl girls!


Chelsea K. RayComment