Fall Obsession: Ribbed Flare Pants

Let's get real here.  Comfort plays a role in everyday attire.  I'll attempt almost every fashion trend, at least once.  The chances that I'll wear it again depend on three important factors: (1) How many compliments I get, (2) If it was conducive to my lifestyle and (3) If it's comfortable enough to wear all day.  My ribbed flare pants (which are totally on point for Fall) exceeded all of those factors.  So you'll probably see me wearing them A LOT.
I saw these pants all through my fashion magazines last spring.  I remember thinking, "I need a pair of those", but I could only find them for well over $200, and that's not fashion on a budget.  I will spend that on a timeless piece that I know I'll wear for years, but on a trend that I'm not totally committed to... Nah.  Well, low and behold, as I'm shopping at the Mall for a Client, I come across these pants (pictured).  Shut up! There they are.  For how much?  Yup, that's right.  Forever 21 had them for under $30.  Now that's fashion on a budget.

They fit perfectly, and depending on where I wear them on my hips, they can be paired with casual canvas sneakers or dressed up with a pair of wedges.  I LOVE them.  The comfort level was a 10, but the compliments were a 12.  When I can't walk down the street without being stopped constantly to receive a compliment or be asked where I got them, you know you hit the fashion jackpot.
One day I wore them with black wedges and black chunky sweater.  The next day I wore them with my favorite Nike sneakers and a graphic t-shirt.  Pictured here, a white t-shirt, canvas sneakers and a sheer cardigan was all I needed.  There are some rules to wearing this kind of pant style.  Make sure that your hem line skims the ground.  Too long and you'll not only trip over them, but you'll step all over the hem and ruin them in one wear.  The hips and waist of these pants fit a lot like leggings, so treat them like leggings.  Cover your butt, with a looser and longer fit top.
I predict I'll be wearing these pants for all seasons, although taking a break in the super slushy months, to avoid wet ankles.  If you live in a colder winter climate, you know exactly what I'm talking about.  They're officially my favorite pants and I have invested in a black pair as well.  Fall just got a little more comfortable with my new obsession: ribbed flare pants.
Pants & necklaces: Forever 21
Canvas sneakers: Target
T-Shirt: H&M
Sheer cardigan: Urban Outfitters

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