Serene Sky: Pushing Fashion Boundaries

I just told someone the other day, "Fashion rules are meant to be broken".  No white after Labor Day?  That's ridiculous.  My white jeans are perfect for this look.  Not to mention they match the pretty snow background.  Fashion rule #1, broken.  And I won't stop until I break them all. 

I'm always looking for boutiques that like to push fashion boundaries, just like me.  They offer customers what we want, not what fashion dictates.  I love that!  I recently stumbled upon an online Boutique called Serene Sky.  I feel like they get me.  Their style is right in line with mine and their prices and selection are excellent.

I was in the market for some delicate jewelry and I found this incredible double infinity necklace on their site.  It's perfect.  Completely unique and I love that you can interpret it's meaning any way your heart desires.  For me, it shows that my love for fashion will go on forever and ever.  This is one of those necklaces that I won't take off.  Alone, it's a simple statement, but layered with more chains over it, and it makes a much bolder one. 
Serene Sky Boutique offers unique fashion pieces that you can't find anywhere else.  I love that they offer customers what we want.  My double infinity necklace will be a staple on my neck for years to come.  Fashion rules ARE meant to be broken.  Wear white in the winter.  Wear socks with your sandals.  And shop Serene Sky Boutique for unique pieces that push fashion boundaries.

Chelsea K. Ray1 Comment