I will admit... When I score an amazing deal, I get a little high.  A little pep in my step.  A little tingly excitement.  I'm then faced with the decision, do I (A) keep my little secret to myself or (B) share my secret with the world.  As a Fashion Blogger, I feel as though I have an obligation to share.  There's no way I can keep my ZARA shopping experience a secret. 

Here's what happened.  I'm in Miami vacationing with my family and my husband must have been in a generous mood (or just sick of the same 2 dresses I was rotating every night) and said, "Honey, you go into ZARA and pick yourself out a fabulous dress for tonight".  I know exactly what that means... Translation: "Chelsea, go in the store that you've been talking about all week and I'll watch the kids, but you only have ten minutes, so hurry"! 

I burst into ZARA with more excitement than I could contain.  I skipped from one rack to another touching everything in my path.  Do I want something suede?  Do I want a boho feel?  Ooooo... I see sparkle.  Ohmigosh, is that a jumpsuit?  All of a sudden I feel completely overwhelmed and look down at my watch.  I have three minutes left.  Three minutes!  I knew that if I took this opportunity to shop for granted, the opportunity wouldn't be granted again.  So, I had to just grab something and hope it wasn't over my (self-set) $100 budget. 

There it was.  An off-white leather detail trimmed short dress.  It was perfect.  Only one?!  And there's no tag?!  Come on.  I don't have time to try it on and I have no idea how much it costs, but my watch and my instincts said, "buy it".  I walked up to the registers and told the sales associate there was no tag on the dress.  He gave me a funny look and asked where I found it.  I told him it was randomly on a rack and asked if it was for sale.  He told me that they got a whole shipment of these highly sought after dresses and they were ALL (or at least he thought) damaged.

His exact words were, "GIIIIRRRRLLLL, I don't know where you found this dress, but it's your lucky day.  I've had women coming in here for a week looking for this exact dress and you're about to get the only one we have for... $12.00".  My jaw dropped.  I tinkled in my pants a little, slammed $12 down on the counter and skipped out of the store.  My husband was impressed that I was within my allotted ten minute window and asked what I got.  I pulled the dress out and he immediately asks, "How much did that cost?  It looks expensive".

It is expensive!  Or at least it was expensive.  I don't know how the heck I scored that dress.  Maybe the shopping Gods were on my side that day.  Maybe all that goodness I put out in the world everyday was paying me back.  Maybe ZARA just made a mistake, but whatever the reason, I got the biggest shopping high that day and I knew I had to share it with the world.

Dress: ZARA
Heels: Steve madden
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