Graphic Tee & Denim

It's my uniform.  In the summer, it's graphic tanks and denim cut-offs.  A pair of sneakers for running around during the day and a pair of platform sandals to transform the look for night.  In the fall, I'll layer a flannel shirt over my graphic tee and throw on a pair of booties.  Boom.  Winter, a graphic tee with a cardigan or blazer, skinny jeans and waterproof boots complete my look.  It's probably the most versatile combination in fashion history.

Denim has stood the test of time.  Although styles and washes change, denim is timeless.  I remember the days when your denim was tight around your waist and baggy around your bottom.  Pretty much the most unflattering style of all time.  Then there were flares that sat so low on your hips you couldn't help but peak your thong in the back.  Now, almost any style jeans are in.  My denim cut-offs are my go-to in the summer.  Cooler seasons, I rock skinny jeans as much as I wear flares.

Just as versatile as denim are graphic tees.  I live in them.  Although, I will admit that I have a few that say things in French or say something that isn't quite accurate to my personality.  I just liked the look and fit.  Come on, I'm not perfect, but one thing I am is never late.  My tank above says, "Fashionably Late" and if you know me, you know I'm early for everything.  I also love my "Pug Life" tee, even though I'm not a huge fan of dogs and have never owned a pug.  It's just a wicked cute shirt.  One fashion piece of advice about graphic tees is no matter what the shirt says, if it doesn't fit well, toss it to the side.
My fashion uniform has been and always will be graphic tees and denim.  It will never go out of style, it's functional and can easily be transformed from day to night.  My graphic tee and denim cut-offs are from Forever21 and my Nike sneakers are from the outlet.