I overheard a woman describe her look as, "wash n' wear" the other day and thought, yeah, that's me.  I'm pretty low maintenance in the beauty department.  BUT, as I get older, the "wash n' wear" isn't holding up like it used to.  Fine lines are settling in, my hair is getting increasingly more course and as my youth fades away, so does my "natural beauty".  I started wearing makeup everyday, but I officially plead guilty to neglecting my hair. 

The saddest part is that I know hair is your number one accessory.  It's not like a purse that you can swap out when it doesn't match your outfit.  Your hair is always attached and it's a part of your look that can make or break it.  I've seen women before where I thought, "Oh, she's so pretty and I like her outfit, but that hair has to go".  Guilty as charged.  Because I guarantee someone has said that about me.

For years, beginning in high school, I dyed and occasionally cut my own hair.  Playing sports, it becomes socially acceptable to "look like an athlete" and put your hair in a ponytail everyday.  I rode that guilty train until college.  In college, I discovered bangs and a straightening iron and didn't change my look for almost ten years.  Ten guilty years of the same look.  When I finally realized that I looked "dated" and discovered that the reason why I couldn't grown my hair long was because of the damage I was causing it (from boxed hair color and that super hot iron), I decided to make a change.

After being bumped around to a few different stylists at my old salon, I did some research and found a highly recommended stylist to take this guilty girl on.  When I sat in her chair, Nichole sat down with me and asked a ton of questions.  I was embarrassed to admit what I had been doing with my hair, but there was no judgment.  She asked about my hair goals and explained to me why my guilty hair habits were preventing me from obtaining those goals.  It all made sense.

Together, Nichole and I made a plan, and within a year, I had achieved hair success.  Of course, every time I'm overdue (I'm also guilty of going too long without making an appointment), I revert back to my "wash n' wear pony".  I never get a lecture, Nichole just fixes it.  Now that my hair is exactly how I want it, I vow to take better care of it.  You'll probably still see me with my wavy, unbrushed look from time to time.  But if you see me with nice polished locks, tell me I'm pretty.  I find positive comments make me want to keep my look polished and stylish.

A huge thank you to Nichole Sheedy* for taking me on as a Client.  I know it was no easy feat.  You've been patient, working with the guiltiest hair villain on the planet and you always make me feel beautiful.  If you're interested in a change or looking for a professional, innovative, expert hair stylist, I highly recommend Nichole Sheedy.  Book an appointment with Nicole HERE.

*Nichole Sheedy: In the Industry for 9 years, works at Gallery Hair Design Scarborough Maine. Loves hair painting and blondes. Goldwelll hairstylist keeping up with education on a regular basis. Travelled to London, Miami, and LA for Goldwell color zoom. Also works with a lot of brides doing hair and makeup for the whole party on site.

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