Affordable & Cute Activewear

It's hot.  I swear it didn't get hot like this last summer.  I remember longing to jump in the ocean last year and it never got quite hot enough to do that.  This summer, I've been swimming like a fish in Maine's beautiful Old Orchard Beach ocean since July.  Which means, it's hot.

When I'm not swimming, (life doesn't stop just because it's summer) I'm sweating.  I'm not going to stop doing the things I love because of a little sweat.  Most mornings, I start my day with a walk through the City.  Unless there's snow on the ground or it raining really hard, I gotta workout outside.  Something about the fresh air, the rush of traffic, the interesting sights of Congress Street... I love it.

But, City wear is a little different than gym wear.  See, on my City walk, I walk through Deering Oaks Park, past the Preble Street Resource Center and around the Joe's Smokeshop construction.  A sports bra and lycra shorts are not going to cut it.  Even though it's hot, modesty is important.

I found an activewear line that is fashionable, super affordable and the quality is surprisingly good.  Forever21's Activewear line isn't just for 21 year olds.  They offer three levels of support in their sports bras: high, medium and low impact.  I wear their low impact bralettes for daytime support when I'm running errands.  Their high impact bras will give you plenty of support for a workout. 

Cutouts in activewear right now is huge.  Let your brightly colored strappy bra peak through an interestingly draped tank.  Don't like the idea of letting your skin peak-a-boo through your leggings?  Forever21 has tons of options for leggings.  Between mesh panels, lace-up ballet leggings and waistbands with motivational sayings, there's a pair for everyone.

You're going to sweat this summer, so why not look good doing it?  Check out Forever21's incredible line of activewear HERE.  My sneakers are from the Nike Outlet, the lace-up leggings and bralette are from Forever21 and the tribal tank is from H&M.  You don't have to spend a lot to stay cool and active this summer.

Chelsea K. Ray2 Comments