Amy's Undies

This is the first time I've discussed undergarments on my Blog.  Which is pretty crazy, because your undergarments are so instrumental in your total look.  Undergarment no-no's can change, just as quickly as fashion does, but one of the biggest (which still makes me cringe when I see it) are panty lines.  I mean, I get it.  Thongs are not as comfortable as regular panties.  I struggle daily with wanting more comfort and coverage, but knowing panty line exposure is unacceptable.  There are a few clothing items that USUALLY require a thong: (1) Yoga pants, (2) Leggings and (3) Skinny jeans.  I call them non-thong-negotiables.

Well, it might just be time to start negotiating.  I emphasize "USUALLY" because there's a new kind of underwear out there that's changing all the rules.  They're called Amy's Undies and this revolutionary underwear is saying NO to "one size fits all".  We were all born with different body types and that includes the width of your thigh, waist and especially the size of your booty.  Amy's Undies are designed to fit any type of women's body.  Measuring around the high hip and the low hip, you find your personal difference.  Standard underwear have all the same "difference" for women.  Amy's Undies give you a custom difference in their sizing, allowing your underwear to fit right and never need to be adjusted.

With a stretchy lace waistband and soft, breathable material, Amy's Undies defy all panty line rules.  Watch this quick tutorial on how to find your measurements, which determines your difference HERE and check out all the different sizes and styles of Amy's Undies HERE.

"With Amy's Curve Sizing , we have expanded the sizing system by an additional 15 sizes to fit those of us that have been gifted with more in the backside than what manufacturers consider a woman has.
Traditional sizing allows for XS, S, M, L, XL etc. We have expanded on this to add the Curve that increases the sizes available by more than 300%.
If you suffer from eternal wedgies due to having your plumper backside being pushed into "normal butt" panties, be relieved, our patent pending sizing system ensures that is a thing of the past."  -Amy

Amy's Undies come in three styles: Cheeky, Boy Shorts and Bikini.  My personal favorite are the Cheeky, but if you're looking for a little more booty coverage, the Bikini is a great option.  I sent Amy my high and low waist measurements, and my underwear fit perfectly.  The Boyshorts eliminate the panty line problem, while still offering comfort and coverage.  I personally find Amy's Undies to be the "next thing" in underwear and love that they embrace that women are not "one size fits all".

Chelsea K. RayComment