I Made a Dress!

Pretty dope, right?  I'm not going fool anyone and say it was easy.  It took several hours and a few "fresh air" breaks, but in the end, I'm pretty happy.  There's something to be said for having a vision and it coming to fruition.  See, I bought a dress on vacation last year, from a store I can't remember.  It was the day before we left to go home, so I just threw it in my suitcase and then dumped it into my "Dresses" bin.  I pulled the dress out of the bin and packed it on a trip to Florida last month.  Turns out... It's my favorite dress of all time.  The frustrating part is, I couldn't remember where I had gotten it and the Internet was no help in finding a similar style.  

The only solution I could think of was to pull out Old Trudy (my sewing machine that's older than probably half the people reading this), and re-create the dress.  Ambitions?  Maybe a little.  I'd call it more like a moment of desperation.  This desperate feeling is one that I've experienced my entire life.  Being an extremely tall and skinny child, I pined after styles that didn't fit my body.  Like pants that covered my ankles or long sleeve shirts that covered my wrists.  A luxury that only average-sized children were able to achieve.  

My mom, a Fashionista herself, found a solution that changed my life forever.  Like her mother, my mom taught me how to sew.  She took me to KMart, bought me one top that I loved, but was too short and one pair of pants that fit me perfectly in the waist and thighs, but came up to my mid-shin.  She then taught me to rip all the stitches holding the garments together, create a pattern using the all the pieces, and then added length to all the ends.  We then went to the fabric store and chose material, similar to the original and colors that only my wildest dreams could come up with and re-created pants and tops galore.

Pretty awesome, right?  The skill of sewing has opened a world of endless possibilities, and although I'm not great at it and never had any formal training, I can make a dress.  I can actually make a million dresses!  I now have a pattern I created from my favorite dress and can re-create a style that is extremely flattering to my body with material and prints that make you say, "wow".  

You too can make a dress.  Watch You Tube tutorials.  Take a sewing class.  Visit a fabric store for inspiration.  You can purchase step-by-step patterns that can be sewn by hand or machine.  The possibilities are endless and the styles can be as wild as your imagination.  My only advice is, take your time and you ARE going to make mistakes.  Purchase extra material, so you can make one dress (that you'll probably mess up on) and then one dress that you learned your mistakes on.

I got the material to make my homemade dress from JoAnn Fabrics.

My faux leather jacket is from Target.

My over-the-knee boots are Aldo

Chelsea K. RayComment