Not totally positive if "athletileisure" is actually a word (spell check is saying, NO), but I'm going with it.  To me, it means a combination of athletic apparel and everyday looks.  Something you would be comfortable enough to be active in, but also stylish enough to go to lunch with your girlfriends.  Basically, it's my uniform.

I'm always on the go and function and fashion have to meet somewhere.  It's athletileisure.  It starts with sneakers.  Not your beat-up Nikes that you've been running in for years, but a pair that matches your outfit.  Think, a pair of black leather high-tops.  From there, we work our way up to your bottoms.  Leggings are usually my go-to, but with wide-leg styles on the rise, the Lotus print palazzo pants add a soft focal point to my look.


If your bottoms have an elastic waist band or yoga fold-over band, a longer layering piece is essential.  We're not working out, per se, we're going out and about.  Cover that bottom or hips, please.  A contrast of hem and sleeve lengths will give you a casual, but pulled-together look.  Bring everything together with a watch, bag, sunnies, and you're out the door.

I feel like I could take on anything in athletlieisure.  Of course there are times I will need to "up my game"  For example, evening events, special occasions, lunch with Grandma.  You CAN wear your athletilieisure to meet the girls for brunch, when you're traveling... I even volunteer at my son's school in it.  The key is fashion and function meeting in one. 


Lotus pants: Julianne Collections, White Turtleneck: H&M, Black Moto Jacket: Forever21, Sunnies: Urban Outfitters

Chelsea K. RayComment