Curated Closet: Backless Dress


One of my first Blog posts (which feels like a lifetime ago) was about a backless dress that I had gotten in Miami.  I HAD to go back and read it.  I couldn't help but laugh at my amateur fashion advice.  Of course, I was younger, so my attitude on baring it all was a little more eager, but luckily the basic notion remains.  

When showing skin, keep it classy.  This gorgeous backless halter dress from The Curated Closet is perfection.  Not too short, no cleavage and just the right amount to peek-a-boo in the back to raise those eyebrows (in a good way).  It's fitted, but not tight and lined, so it's not sheer.  With the temperatures still being chilly, over-the-knee boots are a perfect way to keep my legs warm without the burden of binding tights.

Going backless can be a little scary.  We're so quick to show a little leg or chest, but when you can't see or reach it, our instincts are to cover it up.  A couple tips to making sure you're looking as good in the  back as the front.  I hate to admit this, but I actually used a long bronzer brush and covered up any imperfections I could reach (I had my eight year old get the places I couldn't). 

Also, I highly suggest investing in a backless bra.  I purchased one years ago that is made of silicone and sticks to your sides.  I was amazed at how much support it provided and it never budged after a long night of dancing.  If you take care of it, like the package suggests, you can reuse it over and over.  I've gotten a full year out of one before.  Last tip, if you have medium to long hair, consider an up-do.  There's no point in covering up what you're trying to feature.

Mix things up.  Show off that back of yours!  It's trending, it's fun and it's unexpected.  For more backless dresses and a full line of incredible pieces, check out The Curated Closet.

Chelsea K. RayComment