Wrapums: Unique Beaded Accessories


I can't get enough of these handmade, beaded accessories by Wrapums.  Talk about a conversation piece.  This beaded broach is incredible.  I could think of a million ways to wear it, but today, my turban gets a turn to shine.  

I'm so over basic accessories.  Layered chains, black purses, stud earrings.  They serve their purpose, but have no interest.  Accessories are intended to do just that.  Add interest to a seemingly uninteresting look.  Draw your eye to somewhere else.  This broach does exactly that.


My favorite accessory the Designer, Teresa Jane makes are the beaded wrap bracelets.  Here, I moved my broach to be worn as a pendent on my necklace and to compliment the red in my sweater, I put on three (of the six brightly colored) Wrapum bracelets.  These bracelets are light, sparkly and adjustable to fit around your wrist as loose or as tight as you want to wear them.  A different color and combination for everyday.  Get yours HERE.


About Teresa-Jane

“i’m a mother of 3 boys and live in Reading,i am Partially Deaf,2 of my boys are deaf too,they cope really well with hearing aids where as I cant get on with them,i love teaching myself new craft ideas,i would have gone to collage to do art but couldn’t keep up as cant understand what people are saying at the best of times so was rather awkward,i have spent 7 years teaching myself how to do the Tattoo style artwork and now beaded portraits with sand beads gravel and wire,so many different types of glue and materials I have used to see what goes best.love every minute of creating.xx.i won Reading arts week this year with my 4 by 4 foot dragon and Pheonix.”


Chelsea K. RayComment