Personal Shopping: How it Works


The most frequently asked question I get in regards to my business is: How does it work?  Talk about a loaded question.  I mean, each Client is different and has different needs, but essentially, I can break down the process.

I always allow the Client to contact me.  My services are on a request basis and I will never initiate... No matter how much your sweatshirt is killing me.  Once a potential Client does contact me, we schedule a FREE Consultation to determine the Client's needs, goals and budget.  I always prefer to go to the Client's home, to see their closet, but understand that some people are very private and prefer to meet in a public space.  Zero judgement.  I just like to get a feel for their sizing and pinpoint essential pieces that may be missing in your wardrobe.

Based on the Consultation, we'll either schedule a day to purge and organize the Client's closet first, or we'll schedule a day to go shopping.  I've had many requests.  Can you help me dress like an adult?  Can you help fit my hourglass shape or five foot frame?  Can you help me look more professional?  Can we find casual pieces to incorporate into my work wardrobe for weekends?  Can you find me the perfect look for my Reunion?  YES to all!

Let's pretend that you would like to clean out your closet first.  I'm going to need the Client to be present for this task.  The Client always determines whether an item goes or stays.  We'll organize everything into piles (donate, keep, store for different season, sell, etc.).  I'll put everything that you're keeping back in your closet and organize it so that getting dressed is streamlined and exciting.  

The next step is go shopping for pieces that are going to fill the gaps in your wardrobe, while also sticking to budget.  Sometimes it's just updating your jeans and blazers, and sometimes it's blending a new look with your current one.  I will never ask a Client to change their personal style.  I just give you style solutions for your wardrobe goals.  

I offer two types of Personal Shopping.  The first type is called the Buddy System.  I usually suggest new Clients begin with this method.  I'll meet you at a shopping center (usually the Mall where we can access several different stores in close proximity).  A little tip: Shopping in the morning on a weekday is the most efficient time to shop.  There's easy parking, no lines, the racks are fully stocked and the dressing rooms are empty. 

Together, I'll take the Client to all the stores where I know they'll find what they're looking for.  How do I know?  Well, I go shopping for you in the days leading up to our session.  I want to be fully knowledgeable of what stores have what pieces on inventory and make sure the prices are in line with the Client's budget.  It's like doing research before you go to a meeting.

Just a heads up: I will ask that you leave your coat in your car.  No one wants to carry a coat around the Mall all day.  I'll ask that you wear clothes and shoes that are easy to slide on and off.  Why?  Because you WILL be trying things on.  We're not wasting your time by buying things off the rack.  That doesn't work for anyone (even me).  Also, we're only going to shop for a few hours the first time.  I don't want to overwhelm a Client or myself.

If we've worked together before, or the Client is just requesting one look, I also offer a level of Personal Shopping that is very personal.  During our Consultation, I'll determine the Client's size, body-type, goals and type of event.  I'll go out and do the shopping for you!  Have a black-tie event and need a gown?  I'll bring (head to toe) options to you in the convenience of your home or office.  Going on a trip and need to pack light?  I'll bring you options that will mix and match well.  Meeting his parents for the first time?  I'll bring you a few options that you can choose from.  The Client only pays for the items they keep (plus the time I spent shopping).

Every single Client I've worked with has been trilled with the results after we're finished.  And most Clients refer me to their friends and co-workers.  My rates are affordable, I work efficiently and my level of professionalism is top notch.  I have a B.A from USC in Fashion and have been working as a Personal Shopper for over 10 years.

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Having confidence in the way you look will disperse into everything you do.  -Chelsea K. Ray