It's Plaid Season!


It’s literally Mainer’s favorite season. It lasts from early Fall until late Spring… It’s plaid season! That’s right, lasting almost 9 long, cold, wet months, plaid is perfectly fashionable. See, I was a grunge teen. Lived by the words of Sublime and Nirvana and always completed your look with an over-sized plaid shirt. It sort of makes me feel old that a look I once wore has come full circle, and back into fashion. Good news is, plaid is back and so is the chill in the air.

Enough with talking about how old I feel, let’s talk about the perfect way to wear plaid. The possibilities are really endless, as long as your plaid sticks to one piece per look. Plaid is actually a really bold print, and often in bold colors, so essentially toning down the rest of your look will allow your plaid to “pop” without looking like you’re trying too hard.


Just got plaid combat boots? Bravo! Pair them with a single tone outfit to make them stand out on their own. Love your over-sized black and white plaid button-down shirt? It loves you back when you wear it with simple booties and denim. Even plaid mini-skirts are back. Pair yours with over-the-knee boots for a night out or layer a ribbed sweater on top for a perfect weekend lunch.

I personally like to embrace my inner lumberjack when I wear plaid and match my red and black plaid button-down shirt with distressed black denim and pull-on, lug-sole combat boots. Or my inner Ice Cube when I button up my black and white plaid shirt, all the way to the top with chucks and black denim. And don’t forget about the Clueless yellow plaid mini suit that has somehow famously come back. That’s right baby, the 90’s rocked!


Okay, so now all you’re thinking is, “I need plaid”! I know, right? Here’s a quick list of my top places to get plaid that will last longer than the 90’s comeback…

  1. L.L. Bean

  2. Old Navy

  3. Target

Happy plaid season! Wear to your hearts content.

Chelsea K. RayComment