Rosegal Review 2


While Rosegal is having a big 25% OFF Sale, I decided to scoop up some amazing merchandise. Dresses, bathing suits, jewelry and even a few fun things for the kids. I let my 9 year old son decide whether to get a mini Nintendo that hooks up to the TV or an old school Game Boy. Smart kid chose the Game Boy so he can take it with him on trips and in the car. He’s loving the old school games. It came with 300 games and now all my son wants to do is go back to the 90’s where one handheld gaming device comes with that many games! Well played Rosegal. Who knew they had such an incredible selection for the entire family!? Now you do.

Rosegal was started by a group of friends who all share a deep and abiding passion for stunning clothing and fashion. Specifically, it is the intimate fusion of endless possibilities that vintage and modern apparel has to offer. We love vintage for its understated simplicity, always en vogue character and stylized elegance. But most of all, we see the vintage style as being a uniquely timeless fashion statement, effortlessly embodying and capturing the essence of classic fashion. This contrasts with the transformative, evolving nature of modern styles that capture the essence of urban energy and edgy lifescapes. By seamlessly offering both styles of clothing, shoes and accessories, we aim not only to capture the imagination but also the hearts of our customers. Inspired by the natural charm and appeal of the vast spectrum of fashionable clothing, our goal is simple: to share our love for the best fashion with each and every one of you.


The rest of my order was all for me. My first favorite was a pink and blue bikini. This bikini was made for me. With ruffles on the top for added umph, a ruffle along the waistline for a slimming effect and precious pearl straps to give this bikini a detail that makes me feel just like a mermaid. The bottom is a bit snug on my booty, but it just gives me motivation to get in shape!


Next up, the cutest kitty earring I’ve ever seen! The front is the cat’s head and paws with an elegant pearl necklace around it’s neck. What a fancy kitty. The backing is his bottom and back legs. How fun! It gives the illusion that the cat is living right in your ear, although it’s really just a post that goes through comfortably. Heads up, this earring only comes as one, but with such an affordable price (under $3), you can order two if you want to wear one in each ear. I personally like to just wear a diamond stud in the other ear, so the one cat gets noticed.


Next up, my “mommy swimsuit”. If you follow my blog regularly, you know I struggle with wanting to wear my little bikinis to the water park, but know it’s more appropriate to be covered up. Don’t want to give the dads the wrong message! This two piece full coverage swim suit is perfect for a day of fun in the sun, without revealing too much. The print is adorable and I love the high wasited bottom that covers my belly.


Lastly, a great pair of leaf-infinity earrings. These earrings slide through and stay on all day, but the best part is that they’re dressy enough to go all the way through dinner. I regret not getting them in silver too, because I know they’ll be my new go-to’s for earrings, not matter what I have on.

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