Rosegal Review 3


I was recently vacationing in Miami, FL. One thing about Miami, is that it’s over the top. Everything is over the top. The beaches, the clubs, the boutiques, the cars. I could go on and on, but you get it. So, in the Miami spirit, I ALMOST bought a pair of sunglasses for $400 on Ocean Drive. I’m SO glad I didn’t, because I got the same glasses from Rosegal for under $20.

I’m 100% okay having faux designer glasses. Especially a pair that is so trendy. I’ve found that if I pay a ton of money for something, I tend to tuck it away and not use it. What’s the point? Being scared that I’ll break or lose them is no way to own anything. I’m so much happier knowing that if a gem falls out or I accidentally leave my blingy glasses behind, I can just get another pair. Peace of mind is priceless.


To wear with the black blingy glasses, I got a khaki, ruffle hem button-down dress. I love the square, open neckline. It won’t interfere with my tan line this summer and the sweet ruffle hem adds a flirty feel to a more simple style dress. Until it’s warm enough to wear this dress with sandals, I’ll be pairing this dress with black booties to match the buttons and black sunglasses.


Of course, at the Rosegal price, I had to get a second pair in pink! I wear a ton of pink and these glasses are exactly like the ones that I saw in Miami. My favorite part of these glasses are the pink lenses. When you look out of them, everything looks bright and rosy. Just how I like to see the world. Not only do these sunglasses make me feel fabulous, but I see everything from a warm glow. Love it.


This stunning pink, ruffle, pencil dress goes with my new glasses perfectly and Rosegal is giving you 25% OFF with this code: Rosegal Crazy Shopping Day! 25% OFF With Coupon: RGBF1

Be sure to use the sizing guide when ordering from Rosegal. Anytime you order online, there’s a chance that things won’t be exactly as it looks in the picture, but Rosegal keeps it real. What you see is what you get. I can’t wait to wear my new blingy sunglasses with my two new dresses.

Chelsea K. RayComment