New Summer Pieces

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Summer is quickly approaching and I’ve invested in some new pieces that will carry me through the season in style. The best part is, I didn’t break the bank on any of these pieces and each of them will elevate my look, for less.

The tankini above is from Beach Sissi and I’m obsessed. You never know how a bathing suit is going to fit when you order it online, so it’s super important to look at the sizing guide and the reviews. I really took my time and read each review and decided to order this tankini ‘true to size’. I was thrilled when it arrived because it fits perfectly. The bottoms are high waisted, so it covers my tummy and love handles. The tank top is trapeeze style, so even if I wore it with a tighter and lower wasited bottom, it would hide my mid-section, which is exactly what I wanted to achieve. The best part is that the top has a built-in bra, so there’s no sheerness and plenty of support. I like to tie a little knot in the top to bring it a little closer to my hips for a more flattering fit.

DSW- Fila.jpg

If you know me, you know I LOVE sneakers. I even wear sneakers with a dress for casual occasions. Now that it’s almost Memorial Day, I feel more comfortable wearing these bright white ‘Dad Style’ Filas. The reviews said they run a half-size small, so I knew I was going to need to try them on. I darted over to DSW to see if they had them in stock in my size and they did. Awesome. That rarely happens. Next, I wanted to make sure that they weren’t too heavy. All that lug-sole can tend to be a heavy rubber, but luckily Fila was smart and made most of it foam. So, not only are they light, but they’re insanely comfortable. I’m already thinking I need to go get a second pair so I can have one for everyday and one for dressing up.


Next purchase for summer are these adorable blue, heart-shaped sunglasses from Rosegal. I actually got them in red too and they truly do make everything look a little brighter. They’re almost oversized, which I love, because I’m a big girl and they balance my look out perfectly. They come in almost any color you can imagine and they’re really comfortable to wear all day. Loves.


Okay, so you’re probably thinking, a tennis skirt? Heck yeah! Not only do I play tennis and golf and needed a cute new skirt this summer, but pair this skirt with a boxy blouse and heels and it’s the perfect look for a night out. The skirt is made of chiffon which tends to be sheer, but this skirt is equipped with a pair of bike shorts attached underneath. That means you can run, jump, do a cartwheel, sit without your legs crossed, etc. Of course Dicks Sporting Goods knows how to sucker me into buying a black one too, because who can say no to Buy 1, Get 1 50% OFF. I’m pretty happy about it.


Lastly, I got a new suit from Shein. If you haven’t shopped online at Shein yet, I highly recommend it. You’ll think they’re prices can’t be true, but they are and the fit is pretty ‘true to size’ and the quality is pretty good. I needed a couple new suits because I’ve been speaking at seminars about Dresing for Success in the corporate world. Of course, I have to look on-point and business professional, so this suit can take me from my presentation to evening without changing a thing. It’s lightweight for summer, stretchy and the pants are actually long enough. Win, win, win! If your organization is interested in hiring me to come speak about Dressing for Success, please contact me at:

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