SnowWhite Design


So, unless you’ve been living under a rock, you know that climate change is a “thing”. Doesn’t matter what your take is on it, supporting brands that support climate change is COOL. SnowWhite Design conjures up pleasant images of our very personal "good old days", our childhood. In our new clothing brand we want to transport that carefree spirit into the present. We want to let our childhood grow up, so to speak, through a new, modern design of Urban Fashion where our designs combine both childhood memories and classical, modern and stylish elements.

SnowWhite offers unique designs on super-soft tee shirts and hoodies. I live in hoodies and t-shirts. Sporty in the morning, paired with bike shorts and sneakers to workout after I drop the kids off at golf camp. Knotted in the front, with a ruffled skirt and sandals for my lunch date. Then, topped with a white blazer, faux leather leggings and white booties for a night on the town.


In common with most of the world, we are very attentive to and aware of what’s happening for much too long now on our planet – the world we live in! So we decided to actively raise awareness of one of the world’s biggest challenges - climate change, something that directly impacts each and every one of us.

In order to support this gigantic and vitally important fight to save our world we are releasing a brand new design to help focus even more on climate change and we are also going to donate 10% of the proceeds from the sale of the new design towards this massive challenge. Please help us in raising awareness by visiting our shop


The message is clear. The brand is cool. Stand out by wearing SnowWhite Design. Be sure to use my promo code: CHELSEA at Checkout.

Chelsea K. RayComment