Leggings & Tunics

You could call it my uniform.  Leggings and tunics.  I seriously wear leggings at least three days a week.  They are so comfortable and versatile that I actually own a pair in almost every color.  Two things to keep in mind when you are buying leggings are 1.) they should not be sheer (sheer leggings are really tights and are not to be worn as pants) and 2.) the wider the waistband, the better.  Without a nice wide elastic waistband, your leggings will constantly fall down.  Bright colors and bold prints are totally in style, so have fun with it.  Although the pair that I wear most are plain black.  All my favorite leggings came from Express. 
Tunics are the best accompaniment to leggings, because they follow the #1 leggings fashion rule: unless you have the most amazing butt in the world, keep it covered.  Of course fashion rules are made to be broke, but this one I stand firm on.  When you see this rule broken on someone that doesn't have that great butt, it's a disaster.  Trust me!  The tunic I'm wearing in the picture above was also purchased at Express. Call me a rebel, but the asymmetrical cut on this tunic does show off half of my right butt cheek.  You CAN wear leggings.  Follow my rules and I promise you'll love them as much as I do.

Chelsea K. RayComment