Distressed Boyfriends

No, I'm not talking about all those poor saps I broke up with in college.  Distressed boyfriends are what I call my new favorite style of jeans (pictured above).  They sit low on your hips and fit looser through your legs.  I've seen this look even baggier, but I prefer my jeans to be a bit tight on my butt.  Always avoid a dumpy butt!  One thing to keep in mind when rocking a pair of boyfriend jeans is to keep the rest of the look very feminine.  Go for ballet flats or heels for shoes and a lace or silk top will help balance your boyfriends.  The best part of this look is that anyone of any height or weight can wear these.  A little short?  No problem, because the look should be rolled at the bottom.  Have big hips?  Boyfriend jeans are great for hiding that!  Go ahead and give them a try.  I got my distressed boyfriends at American Eagle (they carry Extra Long) for $39.