Spring Cleaning

I know.  You're probably thinking, what does spring cleaning have to do with fashion?  Well, for those of us in the Northeast, it means spring is finally here (and my legs need to be shaved immediately)!  It was one long and brutal winter for every region, and I think we are all celebrating a lighter wardrobe.  I find a common problem is that people have way too much clutter in their closet.  It really can be overwhelming when your looking for the perfect outfit.  The solution?  Pack everything that is not seasonally appropriate away.  I use big Rubbermaid storage bins to pack anything I won't be wearing for the summer (and the vice versa for winter).  The best part about changing your clothes over every season is that you feel like you just scored a whole new wardrobe!  Take the time to pack away your unseasonable pieces and simplify your closet... and life.  Need help?  Call me.  I'm a pro at this stuff.