Sporty Chic- Track Pants

I remember shopping with my Mother-in-Law for an outfit for my wedding.  She specifically requested NO dresses or skirts and I was instantly stumped.  What, no dress?  She ended up looking fabulous for the special day,  in pants, and it left me with the notion of looking chic without wearing a dress.  Flash forward eight years later and voila, track pants.  They're lightweight, have an elastic waist (YES!) and can be worn to any occasion.  The key to keeping the look chic and not too sporty (like your showing up for a track meet), is all about what you pair them with.  Try a heel or flat with an ankle strap and let a little peep of skin show above the strap.  Keep the top simple.  The pants should (and will) be the star of the outfit.  I get compliments every time I wear them.  Your next special event, try track pants.  I got this entire outfit (top, pants and heels) at Nordstrom Rack for under $90.

Chelsea K. RayComment