It's BOHO, Not HOBO!

A trend that's been around for ages, is the boho (short for bohemian) look.  Think hippy, but a bit more refined.  Fringed bags, floral or braided headbands, beaded sandals, round framed glasses, printed pants, skirts and dresses, etc.  The boho look is huge right now, and I'm totally eating it up!  The pieces are cute, comfortable and easily can be transitioned from casual to dressy with different accessories.  What's making me bonkers is that the Hipsters are taking "boho" way too extreme.  The busted up sandals, the greasy hear, the dirty black ensemble... It's pretty gross, if you ask me.
Not sure how to start dressing boho the right way?  Pairing printed palazzo pants with a lace crop top (pictured above) is a contemporary approach to the look.  Try a floral headband (worn across the forehead), or pick up a pair of heart shaped sunglasses.  A little bit of boho goes a long way.  Keep it clean, keep it in balance and keep in mind that boho doesn't mean hobo.

Chelsea K. RayComment