Fashion Kicks

I grew up playing sports most of my childhood and teenage years.  I usually had at least two or three pair of sneakers in my closet, but the pair I always had on my feet were more for fashion than function.  My kicks, I would call them.  They weren't for running, they weren't for making me jump higher, they were for making my feet (I have huge feet) look as small as possible and making my outfit look fly.  As an adult... not a lot has changed.  I have several pair of sneakers that I wear to walk and ride my bike, but my favorite pair are more for dressing up a seemingly boring outfit.

My absolute favorites right now are my silver wedge sneakers (  I had to do a little research to make sure that these kicks haven't expired their trendy lifespan.  Luckily for me, almost every high-end designer still offers this style of sneaker through the Fall.  If you're not into the flashy silver, try a pair of black or gray wedges.  If you're not into the wedge at all (they're actually the most comfortable and easy to walk in wedge I have ever worn), try a pair of printed Nikes.  I have seen fashion Nikes in everything from hot pink to animal print. 

The best way to style this trend is letting the kicks be the star of the outfit.  Wear your pants rolled up a little, or wear them with shorts and a fun t-shirt.  Of course, sneakers are never appropriate for any type of evening function.  I would designate this look to daytime only.  Don't be afraid to invest in a pair of fashion kicks for outside the gym.  They're cute, comfortable and add a sporty and fun element to your look.
Chelsea K. RayComment