Sequined Pencil Skirt

I bought this sequined pencil skirt at Target last spring with the intentions to wear it to a cocktail party.  I paired it with a silk button down blouse and booties.  I got a ton of compliments that evening and when I got home, I tossed the skirt to the side with the intentions of probably not wearing it again for a while.  It's such a statement piece, I figured everyone would remember if I wore it again. 
Well, wear it again, I did.  And again, and again and again!  Thinking I could only sport the sequined pencil skirt as evening wear was my first mistake.  Talk about versatility!  The look pictured above was for a prospective client meeting.  The first thing she said when I showed up was, "Well, I'll need one of those skirts in my wardrobe"!  The next week, I went even more casual and paired the skirt with a pair of sneakers and a graphic tee.  Compliments galore!
Taking one garment and styling in different ways is the name of the game.  This inexpensive, comfortable and intended for one use skirt has turned into one of my favorite pieces that can be styled for day, night, casual, semi-formal, you name it.  Try putting an unexpected twist on something you normally wear the same way.  You'll be amazed at end endless possibilities.

Chelsea K. RayComment