Don't Let Your Maxi Swallow You

I've seen it time and time again.  Another beautiful young lady has been swallowed by her maxi skirt/dress.  Kills me.  There's no denying that the "to the floor" maxi style was one of the summer's biggest trends.  They're extremely comfortable, versatile and gives a person who wants to cover up their legs in the summer, an excuse to.  But all too often I see a big, overflowing maxi skirt dragging on the ground with a big, overflowing top, just swallowing the person wearing it.  Never a good look.
Keep your maxi skirt or dress balanced with a coordinating top.  Pictured above, I'm hearing a loose asymmetrical top, which I paired with hip hugging maxi skirt which goes right to the ground.  If your maxi skirt or dress is big and flowy on the bottom, then pair it with a fitted tank or t-shirt.  Also, if your maxi skirt has a print, keep your top solid or at least all in the same color scheme. 
If you don't own a maxi skirt, I highly suggest you invest in one.  The length should graze the ground (but not drag).  If it does drag, either wear heels or hem the bottom.  If you're tall like me, you'll find your length problem to be on the opposite spectrum and they'll fall too short.  If you love it, but it falls above your ankles, wear it as a midi (hem line falling below your knees and above your ankles).  The midi length is very "in" for Fall.  I got my fabulous maxi skirt from last year.

Chelsea K. RayComment