What Your Mama Gave You


We spend hours in the mirror obsessing over the parts of our body we don't like.  My nose is too big.  My butt is too flat.  My hair is frizzy.  I know I do it.  Constantly, in fact.  My biggest body complaint is my stomach.  I could blame it on my genetics, my inflammatory bowel disease or just get real and face the fact that it's probably because I love wine and food.  At this point, I have come to grips with the body my Mama gave me and I'm really embracing it. 
I've actually learned a lot of tricks to cover up my belly.  Trick #1: Wear loose tops (duh), Trick #2: Suck it in (which just plain sucks) but my favorite trick to taking the focus off my belly is Trick #3: Show off what you DO like about your body.
For me it's legs, legs, legs.  I was blessed with long, lean, athletic legs and when they're tan, they're unstoppable!  Throw on a pair of heels and they're borderline out of control.  There have been some obstacles along the way.  Like finding jeans long enough or making sure a mini doesn't look too short, but for the most part, my legs steal the show every time. 
Stop focusing on what you don't like about your body and start showing off what you do.  Shake what your Mama gave you.  The navy blue maxi (pictured above) was a perfect mix of loose in the stomach area and had a super high slit to show off my legs.  I got it at www.sheinside.com.

Chelsea K. RayComment