Faux Leather Leggings

Now that you have purchased your black booties (as I insisted last blog), you are ready to pair them with the next instant wardrobe update: faux leather leggings.  Leather is one of the hottest Fall trends this year, but who can afford it?  Plus, leather can be a bit binding and requires maintenance.  The solution is stretchy, affordable (borderline cheap) and figure flattering faux leather.  I got my faux leather leggings at Old Navy*. 

I was on the hunt for a pair of khakis for my son when I stumbled upon them for under $20!  At that price, I was willing to give them a go even if they only lasted through a couple washes.  I got home, pulled them on with a white long t-shirt and black booties and felt like I could take on the world.  I really just went grocery shopping, picked the kids up from school, took the little one to Karate and made dinner, but I did it all feeling comfortable and confident in my favorite new faux leather leggings.

I've worn and washed them at least a dozen times and they still look as good as the day I bought them.  Pair them with a t-shirt or a sweater or even under a summer dress that you're looking to transition into Fall and Winter.  I LOVE my faux leather leggings and you will too!

*I picked up my faux leather leggings at Old Navy in size Medium (I'm an 8).  If they don't have your size available in store, you can also get them at www.oldnavy.com for $19.50.  They have a ton of fun prints and a wide range of sizes.  It's a great place to stock up on leggings!

Chelsea K. RayComment