How a Peplum Saved Me

I used to keep my disease to myself.  It used to be unheard of and rarely talked about.  My sophomore year in college, I was rushed to the Emergency Room for what the Doctors thought was a appendicitis.  When I woke up from surgery, the Doctor told me they took my appendix out just to be safe, but what was causing my pain was that my intestines were infected and I had Crohn's Disease.  I had never even heard of it. 
Flash forward ten years later and I'm back in the hospital with the same pain but my medication isn't controlling my flare up.  A million tests and a couple colonoscopies later and I was rediagnosed with a rare version of Crohn's called Lymphocytic Colitis.  Today, I'm accurately medicated and living (most days) in remission.
I tell my story because it's a good reminder that no one is perfect and most people have some sort of issues they deal with daily.  That's where the fashion piece comes into play.  Looking good means feeling good.  The picture taken above was on a day that I was feeling pretty sick.  My intestines were flared up and my abdomen was making me look 6 months pregnant!  I remembered I had bought a peplum dress at What The Frock ( the week before and when I put it on... it totally saved me.  
Chelsea K. RayComment