Workout Clothes Everyday?

Every weekday morning, I put my gym clothes on and drop my little one off at school.  Because I'm going to the gym immediately after I drop him off, right?  I mean sometimes.  Yes, I end up at the gym, but that doesn't mean that I'm not running to the grocery store and Post Office first.  Heaven knows I can't run my errands after I'm all sweaty. 

The question is: Can you wear workout clothes for everyday?  In my opinion, yes.  Workout clothes are comfortable, sporty and as long as your intentions are to workout, this look can be done.  Of course there are places that are inappropriate to wear workout clothes.  But I did just read an article in my InStyle Magazine where it featured the growing trend of athletic apparel being incorporated with everyday looks.  Meaning, women wearing running shoes with their jeans and a Nike pullover.

I have recently discovered Target's running leggings in an awesome array of prints and colors.  They have inspired me to not only feel great at the gym, but also to have the confidence to drop my kids off at school and run around town without feeling frumpy.  I eventually shower and put on heels for lunch with the girls, but don't be shy to try the growing trend of workout clothes for everyday.

Chelsea K. RayComment