My Best Accessory

There was a time when I thought my best accessory was a Chanel purse.  I was so proud of it and carried it everywhere.  I felt like I had really accomplished something having that Chanel.  What a fool I was.  Purses are great for carrying things, diamonds are sparkly, stilettos make your legs look super long and lean... but nothing compares to my best accessory, my son.

Ironically, in the beginning he made me really ugly.  Between the fat belly and a complete lack of sleep, I was starting to think having a baby wasn't the best idea.  BUT, as time went on and complete strangers were constantly stopping me to tell me what a beautiful baby I had, I realized this baby was making me look pretty good.

Today, Michael is a bright, fun and energetic five year old boy.  And he's gorgeous.  He's already breaking hearts of every girl in his Pre-K class when he tells them, "I don't like girls".  Whether his opinion of girls changes as he gets older or not, I live and breathe for my beautiful boy.  My best accessory.

Chelsea K. RayComment