Hat Season

Hat season.  I love it.  It's the perfect excuse to keep warm and protect your hair from the harsh winter elements.  Whether it's a wide brimmed hat, a beanie or a baseball cap, a hat is a great way to add a fun accessory to your outfit.  Some may disagree and say that summer is hat season.  I find that a hat in the summer just makes me itchy and hot.  Slab on your SPF and save those hats for winter. 
I originally was going to blog about thigh-high socks when I took the picture above.  BUT, they're really not practical for 90% of women.  Unless you have long lean legs, they'll pinch at the top and if worn wrong, can make you look less than classy.  I looked at the pictures and immediately ran to my closet to get my favorite black hat.  It totally completed the look and gave me new inspiration for this post.  I got this fabulous black hat at Forever 21 for under $15.  The romper is from Macy's and the thigh-high socks and black booties are from DSW.

Chelsea K. RayComment