Shift Dress

The shift dress has been around for ages.  It's basically a simple, one piece dress that falls above the knee.  It's quite possibly the most versatile wardrobe piece of all time.  When I say versatile, I mean you can wear a shift dress for almost any occasion.  Work, dinner, playground, class... You name it. 

Traditionally, a shift dress doesn't have much of a wow factor, but there are many ways to amp it up.  You can add to a simple shift with a leather jacket, statement jewelry, patterned tights or even a pair of booties.  If your shift is simple, add a fun accessory to give it more of that wow factor.

OR, you can sport a shift dress in an amazing pattern like my girl, Filomena.  Her hounds tooth print shift is from Express and she rocks it by keeping her accessories simple.  Filomena always gets it's right when it comes to fashion.  She takes a traditional style and kicks it up a notch.  She's the perfect model for a shift dress done right.

Chelsea K. RayComment