Christmas & Knit Pants

It wouldn't be Christmas without a slew of holiday parties.  When I say slew, I mean every other night for three weeks of holiday parties.  It's exciting, fun, exhausting, delicious... did I mention exhausting and delicious?  Cookies, cakes, candy canes and my favorite, cocktails.  It's virtually impossible to not overindulge this time of year, so I have decided to embrace it all and pack on a few holiday pounds.

I always start the season with my cutest cocktail dresses.  Always matching my jewelry and shoes and hairstyle.  As I get a little closer to the end of the season, I get a little sloppy.  I run out of cocktail dresses and energy and found a need for the perfect holiday party substitute.  Something with stretch, something I can throw in the washer and dryer and something I can dress up or down.

The perfect solution: knit pants.  I don't think I have seen a more versatile pair of pants in my life.  The picture above was in NYC and I paired my knit pants with a top with leather embellishments and black booties.  It was raining and cold that night and I couldn't have been more warm and comfortable.  The next day, I paired the knit pants with a wool sweater and flats and took on the City.  I couldn't believe how many compliments I got on these pants!

Everyone was asking me where I got them and when I told them Burlington Coat Factory, they were all floored.  They'd be really floored if they knew I spent under $20 for them!  The day I bought them, I was looking for a cocktail dress and walked out feeling a little deflated about my purchase of pants instead of a dress.  After wearing them to drinks with the girls and then out shopping on 5th Avenue the next day, I realized I had totally scored.

Chelsea K. RayComment