Shopping Tip #3

Shopping Tip #3: Read Fashion Magazines

I honestly get very little time to sit down and read.  Life is SO busy, but one thing I always make time for are my fashion magazines.  They bring me so much joy.  I subscribe to InStyle, Lucky, Glamour and People StyleWatch.  Here are a few advantages to reading fashion magazines:

  • They feature upcoming fashion that people in certain regions (like Maine) don't see until they're practically out of style.  And some of those magazines feature the upcoming fashion in an "everyday" (not runway) style. 
  • They feature upcoming fashion that is designer and costs a fortune and then show comparable looking pieces for way less.  I love the idea of looking like a million bucks, but really only spending a fraction of it.
  • In my opinion, the best advantage of reading a fashion magazine is that it helps put ideas in your head about items you want to purchase.  When you have knowledge of what is in fashion and where to find affordable pieces, you're so ahead of the game.  Shopping becomes a breeze. 

It's a hectic time to shop right now, so enjoy the holidays with your family.  Be sure to redistribute or recycle your fashion magazines.  Then, get out there and scoop up all the amazing "after Christmas sale" prices.  Happy Holidays everyone!

Chelsea K. RayComment