Drop Waist

One of my many obsessions this year has been drop waist dresses and skirts.  The shape is fitted along the waist and hips and then flares out at the bottom.  This is not only incredibly flattering, but also really comfortable.  We first started seeing this style on wedding dresses.  A long fitted bodice with a flared skirt starting just where your legs meet the torso.  Now, the drop waist style is everywhere and really easy to pull off.
I can't think of anything more uncomfortable than high waisted bottoms.  They pinch and squeeze your abdomen, and if you have any type of tummy, they look more like "bad mom jeans" than a fun trend.  Make sure there's some stretch in your drop waist dress or skirt.  That way it grazes over your middle section instead of squeezing it.
A drop waist style is ideal for anyone who wants to hide their hips and make their legs look thinner, which is a rare and winning combination  The look flares out right where you want it to.  Your hips are hidden by the long ruffle and your legs come out looking long and lean. 
I highly suggest giving the drop waist look a try.  It's flattering, comfortable and leggings and tights are always appropriate for layering underneath in the winter months.  The long sleeve patterned drop waist dress I'm wearing (pictured above) is from BCBG and can be worn day or night.

Chelsea K. Ray2 Comments