Layer Up & Keep Warm

I'm a Maine Girl.  Born and raised.  I tried to resist it for a while and realized embracing it is much more attractive.  Winters here are brutal and trying to look "cute" rather than "realistic" is just straight dumb.  I'm over suffering and now I'm all about layering... out of pure necessity. 

Layering is pretty easy if you keep it simple.  It's all about proportion.  When layering your top half, remember to contrast your hem lengths.  For example, in the picture above, I have on a baby t-shirt (fitted cropped tee) for warmth and zero bulk under my cashmere white sweater.  The sweater goes just to my hips, so the top layer needs to either be longer or shorter than the sweater.  I went with a cropped black leather jacket. 

Layering on the bottom has everything to do with your shoes and the proportions of your top.  My acid wash boyfriend jeans didn't tuck well into boots, so instead I wore a pair of booties that wouldn't interfere with the hem.  If you want to wear higher boots, wear a "skinny" (meaning style not size) pant that your boot can layer over.  My number one tip for layering on the bottom: wear two pairs of socks on your feet.  They're much less likely to get cold or wet.

Even jewelry and accessories can be layered.  A long necklace looks great on necklines that are high and shorter necklaces compliment a lower one.  Unless you want your necklace to have a "collar look", but that's for another blog.  If your hair is down, studs are a great option for earrings, but when your hair is up or short, opt for a more bold look.  Keep in mind gloves when your putting on rings, watches and bracelets.  Sometimes they can feel and look a bit bulky.

Layering is a necessity in the cold.  Fashionably and functionally speaking.  Remember proportions to avoid looking bulky.  Have fun with it!

*Photo and vehicle credit: Filomena Troiano
*Leather Jacket: Target, cashmere white sweater: TJ Maxx, boyfriend jeans: American Eagle & black booties: DSW

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