Legally and ethically, I always ask a person's permission before I put their picture up on my blog.  Teresa was flattered to be on my blog the first time, but when I forwarded this picture (above), she was a bit hesitant.  She said, "but I'm wearing the same dress you blogged about the first time and everyone's going to think I'm always drinking wine"!
First of all, we're at a dinner party in this picture and she better be drinking wine or I'd be the only one.  Second of all, if you have a dress that looks amazing on you, you'd be a fool to not wear it over and over again.  Unless you're super wealthy, then you're probably not reading my blog about everyday fashion on a budget. 
Yes, Teresa looks amazing again in her Animal Print Dress from LOFT.  This time she paired her dress with black tights and knee high leather boots for a sexy evening look.  SEE... we really do wear featured items on my blog! 
I'm wearing two looks I've featured on my blog.  The first are my absolute favorite leggings in the world: Faux Leather Leggings from Old Navy.  I layered them with another of my wardrobe staples, a Peplum Top from  Just proof that I always stand by my blog!

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