I never realized how much I like print until a friend saw my closet and her first reaction was, "Wow.  You have a lot of florals".  I was like, yes I do.  I guess I hadn't realized how much I like floral print and how it's actually become a bit of an obstacle in the dressing process.  As a general fashion rule, you should really not mix prints unless you have a really good grasp of the ever changing seasonal concepts.  Even I can't keep it straight.  Plaid with polka dots?  Gingham with floral?  Who knows?

To not look like a print overload, I usually keep print to just my top or just my bottom.  Some people may cringe that I'm saying this, but I'm really speaking generally.  Too much print can overwhelm anyone's look.  Especially large print.  Sometimes large stripes or large flowers can well, make you look large.  Pinstripes are always flattering and a tight plaid always looks crisp. 

The dress (pictured above, I got at H&M on clearance for $7) has a great balance of print.  The sleeves and skirt of the dress are plain black, but the bodice of the dress has a landscape graphic floral print which is everything right now.  I've even seen dresses that have a graphic print over the entire front.  They're gorgeous, but can potentially distract from the rest of your look.  Find a print you love and pair it with a solid.  You'll never go wrong.

Chelsea K. RayComment