Power Color

Check out my girl, Olivia.  That red dress* makes her look like she could take on the world.  A couple kids, an awesome husband, a full time career... Liv's got it.  She definitely found her "power color" and you have one too!

Your power color doesn't have to be something bold, like red.  I've seen some men in an all black suit that makes them look better than any color could.  Skin tone has a lot to do with it.  Check out the chart to see what colors look best on your warm or cool skin tone.
With Olivia's dark hair and eyes and warm skin tone, she nails her power color perfectly with red.  Someone with light eyes and cool skin tone should stick with blue and purple hues.  They're just going to compliment your natural features.
Strangely enough, one of my favorite power colors is a lack of color completely, white.  I feel crisp, clean and slightly innocent when I wear white.  Plus it makes my skin tone look darker and my hair color look richer.  For Spring, avoid white head to toe.  Pair a white sundress with a bright sandal or layer a denim jacket over it.  White pants are dangerous, so for a smart look, wear a delicate white cotton top with a pair of pastel colored bottoms.  Pastels are everything this Spring!
Find your power color this season and let the confidence it gives you allow you to take on the world.
*Olivia's stunning red dress is by Laundry and she scored it at Nordstrom Rack. 


Chelsea K. RayComment